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Mortgage broker in Rocklin CA

If you are looking into buying a home, we can help you with locating the best mortgage to fit your needs. We are not a mortgage broker in Rocklin CA. I will show people the average current mortgage rates on this site. I will also show you what underwriters look for when qualifying you for that home loan. This site is just a blog written by Gordon Cuffe a licensed loan officer. NMLS # 1037464. I am writing blog posts about where mortgage rates are heading. How to qualify for a loan. I will also update people on what the average mortgage rate is in Rocklin CA. There are many mortgage companies all over the web but if you need a home loan in the Rocklin CA area, we can meet face to face to talk about your mortgage needs. If you want to receive information about home loans in Rocklin, please enter your email address. Since Roseville is across the street from Rocklin, I can meet with homeowners in that city also. I am NOT a mortgage broker in Rocklin CA. My license is currently held under the broker named If you ever have questions about loan rates or qualifying for a home loan, I can be reached at 916-261-2381.